Tuesday, December 2

Infant Rashes and Roseola

My sinuses are full of something...something that is giving me a sinus headache. Such is life I suppose.

Miss Alice is better...I guess. She now has a rash. All over her body and head. I had noticed some irritation over the weekend on her head (she is sensitive to Olive oil..or aLLERgic (She also was holding down the shift key, thanks kiddo). See there was a bit of irritation amongst her hairline...then i thought she might be getting diaper rash....only there was redness on her belly and back too.


My research has told me that it could be Roseola which starts as upper respiratory sniffles, turns into a fever...then a rash. Well she was a little drippy back last week when Daniel was getting sick, and she definately had a fever over 103....and it went away then the rash. But what I raed says it should go away after a few hours. What does that mean? 3 hours? 12? 48? Few is not helpful here people. I mean some sources say 1-2 days. Others a few hours.

And I don't even know if I should waste the money to go to the doc, since all online stuff indicates that there is no treatment for the rash and once the fever is gone for 24-48 hours she isn't even contagious. If the rash lasts longer than a week we are supposed to notify the doc...but it also says its not diagnosed unless a dog does a med history and physical. I guess I can talk with Daniel and see what he thinks.

WebMD says to not freak out...but sometimes WebMD is wrong. What if its poison ivy?? OR maybe she is allergic to our soap. I did give her a bath with some baby soap stuff that wasn't Johnson and Johnson's baby soap. What if the pretty smelling stuff made her break out. What if the rash and the fever are totalyl unrelated. We do have teeth that have popped in so it is possible. Its also possible that sometime over the holiday she caught some virus from some random kid (ok family) and this resulted. Or even just allergic reaction.

I should probably not post this, as it may appear that I am freaking out. I really am not, I just have questions the internet has not answered yet.

So long querying blog!

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