Saturday, December 13

Soul lossage and more!

I'm cold. And its like 50 outside. I am a wimp. I need a blanket.

So last night Daniel did all nighter #2 for the week. At 4 I got up because Alice woke me and Daniel told me that he trapped a mouse under the bookcase.

I decided to set up the live catch trap at the edge, so Daniel could stop listening to the scurry scurry and finish his paper already. (SWEET, Daniel saw me typing this and brought me a blanket!) So I move my Analytical Chem book to set the trap down and then I see a mouse head pop up IMMEDIATELY. I screamed. I pushed the book back.

It was an automatic reaction.

I screamed again. Not because of the mouse, but well...

I no longer have a soul.

I found a recipe for making homemade pocky. I am a dork and excited about it. I am sad i didn't find tahini/sesame paste at walmart though. I will have to go to a grocery store that actually has an asian section if i want to find it i guess.

In other cooking news I made cinnamon rolls for the ward party, using my breadmaker. Might I say that its a fabulous piece of equipment. i think any baked item you could ever want could be made in there. Even quick breads. i haven't done them yet, but I believe they will. Anyway, the cinnamon rolls are yet another food storage friendly recipe. (Thats one nice thing about a bread machine) And since I am a food storage fanatic, I should get my self to the cannery. Maybe now that Daniel is done with school. That is if the weather agrees with us. Oh, yeah and our money agrees with us.

So anyway. Since yesterday, I have sewn a cute mushroom purse, found a pocky recipe, and lost my soul. Seems productive, no?

Becca: 1+G (Bonus for high gore count!) Daniel: 2 Mice: x-3


disillusioned said...

So you got it? good! I HATE I personally don't think you've lost your soul. I think the mouse should have been smarter and moved out before ya'll moved in!

By the way--I LOVE your new background!!! It's awesome!


nannergirl said...

mice mice mice mice mice