Tuesday, December 30

Post #2 of the night!

Anyone who has kids that get fevers after shots know why I am wide awake at 4am. We all went to bed around 9, and she woke us up at 12:30 wet. Apparently, Daniel was just going to sleep then. Ah, the games that suck you in.

I figured i would tell about my amazing Christmas present. I just got it in the mail today, and I couldn't wait to watch it. Of course with other things going on, it was turned off in favor of bed, but I am still excited.

So Daniel has problems getting me gifts. Partly because he lets me buy anything I want. That means, if I want something and don't buy it, I think its too expensive, or out of our budget, or whatever. So he would either be buying something really expensive, or wasting money. Lose, lose situation right?

Well, I gave him a list of several things he could buy me, andI don't remember the whole list, but one was a Miyazaki movie. He did one better.

After some online browsing Christmas Day, cause I told him we could pick something together, he found a 6 disc studio ghibli movie set. Containing 12 movies. A few of which I already own, a few others I have drooled over, and one I had never heard of.

Anyone that likes anime of anykind, knows its expensive. Every other Miyazaki film I have bought, has cost me $20. This set was $27.50. So forget the fact that I own a few of the films already, it was too good of a deal to not buy.

So now I am the proud owner of a dvd 'set' in a facinating 6 disc holding case (its the same size as a standard dvd case) and a bonus movie, Tales from Earthsea. This is the newest film from studio ghibli...made in 2006. I wasn't sure if it was part of what we bought, and after looking online, it was not. Of course I had already opened it. There is no reason for a good movie to go to waste. I thought about telling them they mispacked my package, but the packing slip was in there. And on the website it said ifyou are military and you say something in comments, they will send you a free dvd.

Daniel sent the package to Rebecca "Reebok" (using someone's sneaker name is a great way to sound cool at the holidays). We think that they either thought my name was cool enough to send me a free dvd, or they want repeat business, or something. They don't have Tales from Earthsea listed on thier website for purchase. Maybe they are giving that movie out to all sorts of people. Maybe its because Daniel didn't use the coupon codes they have listed on thier site. Who knows. Eitherway, I now have 13 studio ghibli films for less than $35 including shipping and tax.

I would go get one, but I am afraid if I leave the room the baby will awake...again. And I think I should go back to bed. We have an appointment in the morning, so we can't even sleep in very hard.

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nannergirl said...

So . . . can I have some of your repeats?