Wednesday, December 3

Apron Swap! and Picture books

SO I signed up for an apron swap...and I just got mine in the mail. Lets just say...the person making my apron is a much better seamstress than I.

And the box it came in was huge! (Made me feel like a bit of a slacker with mine.) Anyway, the apron was way cute. I took a picture. I might re-wrap .it and put it under the tree. I am having issues understanding the computer today though. ITs called a drippy sniffy nose. And a drippy sniffy brain.

We also got our photobook from snapfish today. I wanted to get on and look at my project and see if I somehow chose an off center page...cause there is one that cut Daniels face off. OK I know there should be an apostrophe, but every time I try and use it it pulls up some quick links thing...causa Alice was sitting on the keyboard. She thinks the beeping noise is music. Dont ask, it makes her happy and it doesnt destroy thing. Man I use contractions too much. Anyway I made a typo in the book too. Its still nice, but yeah Alice lover her Mommy is a good scentence.

I miss my apostrophe!

Alice loves the book.

I sort of want to bake cookies in my new apron.

Only then I would have to be baking and in the kitchen. And I totally said no to a question for work, cause there is no way you can find out how much an oil change costs at Walmart online. So there goes my good streak of answering questions.

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