Thursday, December 11


First allow me to vent my annoyance at things. Then we will be onto Merry Merry times!

Our phone sucks. Its very cheap. But its cheap. As in, its a internet phone so it was $40 for the hardware plus software use for 1 year. Only problem. It reboots. 5-10 times an hour. Yes, an hour. While it reboots the thing takes over the screen. (It has to be on top) and it tells you tell your friends about it. Bah. It sucks. They even told me I shoudl try using an externally powered usb hub. What the heck? I need to buy some special hub when in all your self help thigns it says do NOT use an external hub. It must be plugged into the computer. Bah. I am sick of it. I am sick of downloading thier update.exe and running it. Lucky me---upgrading now. It hasn't helped. It didn't help last night. Or the night before when I downloaded 'new' copies 3 times. Bah Bah Bah!

So enough of that. If you call, leave a message. We might or might not get the voicemail, but maybe.

Here is the paron I got in the apron swap. Its cute. I like it. Its festive, and all, and not coveredi nSanta. I don't like the idea of Santa. I don't know if we will do 'Santa' when Alice gets older and learns about him or not, But for now, no santa's in my home. My partner was kind enough to grant my wish and send a holiday themed apron with no santa. (As an FYI when I was looking for fabric I thought, gosh the santa fabric is really cute. Too bad I don't want to have to deal with Santa yet.)

Then ALice grew teeth. I tried to take pictures of her "fang" (she hasn't got middle top teeth in, but got the left one next to them. its fabulous by the way...if you can get her mouth open). i tried, but she refused, so here is a picture of her wondering why I keep going for her mouth wihile holding a camera. She got it open, but you cannot see any of the teeth. Thanks for trying Alice.

OK, third I joined Psst... a program that pillsbury/general mills/etc owned by the same people are doing. They sent me a pile of coupons for Grand's Cinnamon Rolls (in the freezer section). I finally tried them. They looked great. Took 18 minutes and were browned beautifully. Don'tcha think?

Yum! I added the icing. Double Yum. Too bad when I ate one it wasn't quite cooked in the middle. And by the time Daniel had his (4 hours later for dinner) it was dried and nasty. Overall, not worth it. Especially at more than $3.50 a tube. I was planning in saying, great for a special occasion, but you have to plan to eat them all when they are done. You also need to make sure to cook until browner than mine and the edges will be very crunchy, but it will not be doughy in the middle. And if you want to try yourselves, I have coupons for $1.25 off. That Still dont make them worth it if you ask me.

Alice loves cheese. I attacked to teah her that there are other food groups. She is now differently abled. At least for the next 5 days. She has fallen off the couch, and off of laps several times because of it. I think it throws off her sense of balance.

The last pic is just showing how silly she looks when she only has one hand and one club. She plays differently.

SO yeah.

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