Tuesday, December 23

Happy Birthday Alice!

We made attempt #1 at pocky. While it was yummy tasting, we didn't cut it thin enough, or uniform enough so some pieces are crispy and yummy, others aren't. It was good, and I have learned from my attempts. So yay. Plus the sticks are like baby biscuits and Alice loves them.

Alice turned 1 yesterday. I can't believe a year ago I was living in a hospital room. Man that was no fun. FYI if you plan kids, plan to not have them around large family oriented holidays. I remember 3 different nurses during the night shift right after Alice was born. Talk about a strange night.

We ate sushi for her birthday dinner, and had strawberry shortcake for dessert. FYI: strawberry pie filling isn't very tasty on top of shortcake. In fact, its downright vile. We should have just crushed frozen strawberries and soaked them in sugar.

Anyway, Alice decided the strawberry shortcake was useless, but the sushi was FABULOUS. She hate 4 roll pieces. I stole the shrimp after watching her try to bite off part. We took pictures, but Rachel's camera has some sort of issues and has eaten the photos. Oh well. Next time I serve the baby sushi, I shall take pictures. And maybe I will convince Alice to play with some cool whip for the camera as well. Thats better than what happened with the short cake.

Other things be a-brewin' and I shall perhaps share more about that later. For now, all my siblings are in town...and all of them are out Christmas shopping. My family isn't really a plan ahead sort of folk. As I am sure you can tell from this. Oh well, there is a puzzle with my name on it in the dining room. i just have to move a sleeping baby...and not wake her.

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