Friday, December 19

Alice's teeth are growing! She is getting buddies for her fang. One of her two front teeth is totally visible, and the second is making an appearance. That means people other than me can know they are present! Sweet. She also looks less like a vampire. Sad (*_*) I liked my little monster child. (Even though the very strange order of teeth appearing was a little alarming)

I also had a really strange dream involving dead people/bodies, some really strange tv studio thingy, getting felt up by some creepy guy, and leavign some Alice poopy in my pants. You know, just a regular day in the life of me! The general idea was that the bishop wanted people to try out for this commercial about how amazing lawrence was gonna be a nationwide thing (cause that makes sense you know) And so there were all sorts of church people there, though most of the exact names elude me. But that recording studio that was housed in the strip mall by Dillons on Mass was full of bedrooms with bodies (that of course I knew were dead). PLus really creepy killing children. I think they were zombies. Thats the best explaination.

I can't decide if I should blame the AMAZING curry I ate last night, or the fact that I went back to sleep after Daniel left. Or the fact that he noticed we didn't shut our front door and it was open when he went downstairs this morning. All of those things could be contributing factors. Oh, and FYI as long as I was with other church people I was safe. Yay for the power of church people!

Now, the phone wasn't having problems. It was the internet. Right now I am of the opinion that Lawrence Freenet isn't popular cause its slow enough that if you try to open gmail you have to load the basic view...and the signal is so weak that if you open an attachment, plan on it taking forever to load/download and it might reboot the little $120 pepwave wifi reciever. Then you will never actually get to open that pdf file until you get frustrated and plug the ATT modem back in. Pshaw.

We are hooked back up to our el cheapo ATT dsl. It might not be all that fast, but its consistantly slow, and consistantly on. I can catch up on my House that way. (We watched some crazy dude take over the clinic with a gun last night. And, yes we saw the whole thing. Thank you ATT for your consistantly slow internet.) You see, we don't watch much TV, cause why pay for TV when you are poor, but some shows we like. And now that Stylista is over and there is no project runway or america's next top model I have to move onto shows daniel like. Our next show will be Bones. We are sad that FOX moved them from both being on i na row, on the same night, to No one knows when they are on. But hey, I can handle watching the episodes 8 days after they air. I am a fan, but no fanatic. Unlike with Everyday Food Storage. I am a fanatic of that. I am such a fanatic that I am working on posting myself 101 goals in 1001 days...and I know at least a few will be for food storage. (Maybe I shouldn't post that cause now I will have to follow through).

Oh well, off to write my 10 page double spaced ward project paper! I mean, ward history. Yeah. Fun times.

Naturally, we haven't quite returned the hardware and got our refund. I mean, we have 30 days to do that, and the people are sending someone to check on the WiFi thingy they have on the corner. But, if its still obscenely slow Monday night, we will be trying to return it before Christmas.


Kirstin said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I are a must. I am more drawn to blogs where pictuers abound, but then I'm very visual. So it is very sad to not be able to post pictures on a regular basis.... I love your blog background. Very neat.

nannergirl said...

Have you watched the movie Coma recently or something?