Friday, December 5

Food Glorious Food

So Daniel, then Alice, and Finally I (thats me) have been sick. The last 2 weeks we have had crinkled kleenex piles, fevers, runs to the bathroom, humidifiers, and fluids. Lots and lots of fluids. It made me realize we should probably get a bigger water storage stash.

In fact, we need to start eating. I have worked on getting food storage together...of course we are almost fresh out of wheat since I 'try' to bake our bread. Don't feel like I am amazing, I have flops and certain people saying its not good sandwich bread so we do buy some store bread. But either way, I get to be all provident this way.

Don't you love that word?

Anyway, my favorite food storage blog is Everyday Food Storage. I am an Everyday Food Storage FANATIC. (AS a side note, I just realized there is a button for making things link...SO much faster than editing the HTML). While I won't say I am as good as her at using food storage, we are using it. In fact, our fridge looks somewhat bare since I have been working on using more shelf stable things. The added bonus, Alice can eat all canned veggies since they are super soft. I mean we still have frozen and, since its not exactly garden season very limited, fresh.

Anyway. Now that I am still drippy and gross, but for some reason energized (I think its the fact that we got a crazy big paycheck so Daniel prolly got his raise) so I am off to clean house some more. I might even vacuum! And, I am gonna make up some menus. That way I don't look at all this canned food and think...yeah I have that. Plus I should bake some more bread. I don't know if I feel like doing that now, but it should be done. Now if only I knew how to turn food storage into those nifty little toddler snacks. You know the fruit and veggie puffs. Actually, I don't think I could make them even if I didn't use food storage...but yeah.

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